Melissa in Japan

Monday, May 22, 2006


It is noon now and I thought I should write so mom doesn't worry!

Yesterday we came to Fukuoka. We went to the UN habitat and learned about their southeast Asian operations and then came back to Hakata and bummed around. We went to a Kareokee bar last night. It was the best time! Everyone had a blast! I'll post some pics when i can connect my pc.

Tonight we're going to a baseball game! I can't wait!

Okay... until later!



Anonymous Jocelyn said...

I'm super excited to see the pictures! Did you sing at the bar?


5/23/2006 8:33 AM  
Anonymous Benson said...

Did you sing "Turning Japanese"????? Or maybe "China Girl"??????

5/23/2006 9:16 AM  
Anonymous Megan said...

Hopefully you did us proud with your lovely voice...thank the Lord I'm not there...disaterous:) I was in Balitmore yertday, Phiily today and I'm waiting at the airport to head to Pittsburgh. Although I don't compare to Japan:) Glad you're having such a great time...drink some saki (SP?) for me:):)

5/23/2006 2:49 PM  
Anonymous Amanda said...

Hi again! I heard the kareoke is a big thing over there - when we have vendors visit, we always have a dinner that includes it! How is the weather? My boss just got back and JUST missed a huge typhoon! I was thinking about you and hope you're staying dry! Can't wait to see picts from the baseball game!

5/23/2006 3:13 PM  

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