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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Hello again!

I know I haven't posted since I got to Kyoto, but we had no internet access and there was way to much to do instead of take the time to stop at an internet cafe. It was amazing! We saw shrines and temples and had an overall good time. We also went to a Suntory whiskey distillery and Kyocera. The shopping was amazing. I got lots of good stuff!!!

We went to the Gion district last night and saw some Geishas and apprentices. The pictures aren't stellar, but it was great to see them!!!

Now I'm sitting in the airport and we're waiting for our flight. I loved being here but I'm also excited to be going home! I miss my bed and my cat and my friends and family. Two weeks is a long time, but there are some great ppl I met along the way and I will always remember this trip.

I'll be home on Tuesday late late. No work on Wednesday and then back in the swing on Thursday! I hope to see you all soon!!!!

Miss you!
Love you!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well my comment is better late than never! So here goes. So I decide to post something as you are probably almost home. Things have been just crazy the past two weeks with planting the lawn and traveling. It doesn't even seem like you have been gone that long. Morgan will be so happy to see you! Let me know if you want to hit up wings on Thursday!!!! Alliey!

5/30/2006 3:15 PM  

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