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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Two weeks

I can't believe it's two weeks. Two weeks from today, about this time, I'll be flying from Chicago to San Fran to catch the flight to Nagoya. Crazy! I am getting more nervous and more excited by the day.
I got my package from Campmor last night. The UPS guy tried to make some conversation about how he has been delivering a lot of those lately, but I wasn't really all that interested. I was excited to get my travel pillow that is inflatable and awesome and my other things. I ordered these packing cubes. One is for shower stuff, it's water proof, so I'm going to put anything that could possibly spill in that one and then the other one is just for other random stuff. I have a lot of random stuff that I feel I need to bring. They will both fit in my shoulder bag that I'm bringing and now the stuff won't be rolling around everywhere. I think that they will work awesome. I am so excited! Plus, I was able to fit almost everything in between the two. I have a few more things that I can't pack until right before I leave, like my makeup and migraine meds, but other than that, we're rocking. Hopefully on the way back, they'll be pretty empty because when the travel size shampoo, body wash, conditioner and hairspray are gone, I'm chucking them. Really, even if they aren't gone but almost gone, I'm still throwing them. I'm only carrying the necessities back.
Before I sign off for the day, I have to go back to my inflatable travel pillow. First, it's got the softest cover in the world. Second, it inflates with one breath. Third, it deflates in like two seconds and stores flat. This may possibly be the best travel pillow in the world. I am so stoked! Yeah, I know, big deal, a travel pillow, but I'm excited so I don't care what everyone else thinks. It's awesome.
Okay, signing off, getting back to work.




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