Melissa in Japan

Monday, May 01, 2006

It's finally May!

It always seems like when you start planning a trip, it's so far away. Now, my Colorado trip is done, my Vegas trip is done and it's less than three weeks until I'll be in Japan?! I'm freaking out a little bit.

I added the link to this site to my other site, so I'll add my other site to this one.

If I have time when I'm Japan, like at night when I can't sleep because I'm so excited to be there, I'll post my pictures on that other site. Who knows, maybe having any free time is a pipe dream, but I'm really hoping I can share some of this stuff real time. I get all worked up when I'm traveling and can't sleep at night anyways, even when I should be soooo tired from being out and about all day. lunch is almost over.




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